Our mission is to close patients access gap to prescription drugs.

Stat is a digital health technology company focused on streamlining prior authorizations (PA) and patient access for leading medical providers and specialty pharmacies.


What if doctors could give patients medications or preferably something that guaranteed they would receive prescribed medications?

The simple question above was the spark behind the vision for Stat Specialty patient access solution. It began when our founder, who as a researcher at Georgia Tech, was challenged by his advisor to come up with a solution to the prescription prior authorizations (PA) problem.

Having practiced as a pharmacist, and witnessed many patients leave the pharmacy feeling frustrated after being unable to get their medication due to PA. He viewed the challenge as a unique opportunity to retrace the patient medication access journey and create a different experience.

After interviewing dozens of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients, insurance, and pharma executives. It was evident that a disjointed process made patient medication access feel almost like shooting darts in the dark, without any expectations whatsoever. The process led patients to leave their doctor visits without knowing if they would receive medications that have been prescribed to treat their ailments. Patients that were out of luck would wound up in the emergency room, or back at their doctor's office days or months later under worst condition than before.

Regarding PA, it was apparent that insurance wanted doctors to make a credible case for why their patients needed costly medications as a fiduciary for healthcare cost and utilization management. Doctors, on the other hand, wanted a reliable way to deliver their case, improve clinical targets, and patient outcomes. The insights led our founder and the team behind Stat Specialty to develop a robust and yet easy-to-use solution that enables a more reliable payment outcome for prescription drugs.



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